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iphone x screen repair london The screen should be fixed very carefully and it’s best to leave it to professionals who have appropriate knowledge about the process. We deal with screen repair and replacement in London so you don’t have to worry.

One of the most important things is the fact that the earpiece speaker and sensor assembly are attached together to the back of the display. They need to be transferred from the old display to the new one, and if any of them is damaged, the Face ID won’t work.

How the screen is repaired

  1. First, the glass needs to be covered with tape to keep altogether.
  2. Usually, suction cups and an opening pick are used to open the phone.
  3. The battery, the front panel sensor assembly connector, the OLED panel cable connector, and the digitizer cable connector have to be disconnected.
  4. When the cable of adhesives is disconnected, the display is separated.
  5. The earpiece speaker, sensor assembly and microphone have to be removed.


Iphone X screen replacement costs

The differences between iPhone X and iPhone 8

iPhone X was launched on September 2017 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone line. Although it’s similar to iPhone 8 in some aspects, it also introduced a lot of new features in design and function.

Starting with the design, iPhone X comes in an industrial design with a glass back, that was already introduced in some previous models. The screen is bigger and the bezel is smaller than in iPhone 8. There is also no home button typical for iPhones. iPhone X also introduces Face ID, which secures the phone reading facial features of the owner. The glass design allows for wireless charging - a feature also available in other new phones, iPhone 8 included.

iPhone X - Technical Specifications

iPhone X advanced in terms of RAM - iPhone 8 has 2 GB RAM while iPhone X adds 1 more GB. It makes both models very fast. The phones have different displays: iPhone 8 has the IPS LCD display while iPhone X is equipped with the OLED display that offers more vivid and realistic colours.

Both iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus come with dual 12MP cameras with the extra sensor but iPhone 8 has only one 12MP sensor.


  Iphone X
Finish Space Gray / Silver
Capacity 64GB / 256GB
Height 5.65 inches
Width 2.79 inches
Depth 0.30 inch
Weight 6.14 ounces
Display 5.8-inch / Super Retina HD display
Chip A11 six-core Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture
Camera 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras


The prices of both models are obviously quite different. You can buy an iPhone 8 starting from £699 for 64GB and £849 for 256GB. iPhone X is £999 for 64GB and £1,149 for 256GB.


Common Iphone X questions


While the battery in the iPhone X is high-quality, it still has a limited lifespan, and depending on how you use your phone, you might have problems sooner than others. Try completely draining your battery and then recharging it for 4 hours, if this doesn’t solve the issue, you likely will need to replace it.
The iPhone X is completely waterproof up to 1-metre submersion under water. Although, you should still be really careful around water because Apple doesn’t cover it under its warranty.
Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t cover accidents, and you will need to pay for a replacement yourself. It’s a good idea to find a reputable and trustworthy iPhone X repair and replacement centre in London.
Apple has provided a shortcut for people who have an issue activating their iPhone: you just need to log in to iTunes on your computer and plug in your phone to your computer - it’ll automatically activate.
The causes leading to this issue are varied: it can be the charger, the battery, or the lightning connector, and a non-specialized person will have a tough time fixing this on their own, so it’s safer to take it to a professional repairing service.



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