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We take pride in providing our customers with a comprehensive and professional service that satisfy troubled owners. Our employees are focused on delivering quick iPhone 7 repairs that won’t keep you waiting. We build our image on the market by granting our clients’ wishes as fast as possible.

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Book your repair with us. Our technician will interview you to get an idea what is wrong and what needs to be done exactly to fix the problem you are facing. Our technician will come to you the same day at the agreed time and place. We make sure that our service never creates any inconvenience for you and ends with a success. We provide help for broken iPhones. That’s why we only charge for repairs that we feel satisfied with.


Iphone 7 screen replacement and other services costs:

The differences between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s

Even though the information about the new features upset many due to the fact that Apple only came up with minor changes, they created a new standard in the industry. The boosted speed and performance gains over the older models along the change in direction of accessories to wireless had a great impact on phone manufacturers.


  Iphone 7
Finish Rose Gold / Gold / Silver / Black
Capacity 32GB / 128GB
Height 5.44 inches
Width 2.64 inches
Depth 0.28 inch
Weight 4.87 ounces
Display 4.7-inch / Retina HD display
Chip A10
Camera 12MP camera


Even though cynics aren’t happy, the iPhone 7 upgrade has brought us more than they’re saying. Even though it’s not the usual “changed number” serious upgrade, we still have much to work with. The added durability, water resistance, better camera, bigger and better display, more advanced storage options and much better battery life are most welcome in our life (check the specifications of the iPhone 6s). Another exciting change is the visual aspect of the iPhone 7 cases changed, introducing a matte and shiny black line.


Common Iphone 7 questions


Is your iPhone jailbroken? Various tweaks could interfere with the sound system. You could also be overwhelming your iPhone by using too many processes. If you want a specialist to pinpoint the exact problem, you can book us now.
You should make sure you don’t have too many background processes running. You should also conserve it by turning off LTE/3G when you’re not using it. In most cases, this solves the problem. However, if it doesn’t, you may have to replace your battery.
Apple doesn’t cover any damage that is caused by accidents and external factors. You should probably start looking for an iPhone 7 screen repair and replacement centre in London.
There are various ways you can fix this problem, but the easiest would be making sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer, singing in with your account on iTunes, and simply connecting your phone to your computer. iTunes will handle the activation.
The iPhone 7 is water-resistant, not waterproof. This means that, under specific conditions, the iPhone can survive limited contact with water. Still, you should be careful, as Apple doesn’t cover water damage under its warranty.



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