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iphone 7 plus screen repair london iPhone 7 Plus has a number of new features that make it worth considering. We’ll go through them in this article.

The screen repair

The replacement or repair of the screen is a complicated process and it’s best to leave it to professionals. We can take care of your problem straight away and make your iPhone look brand new. Here’s what the repair process looks like:

  1. One of the most important things is that the home/Touch ID sensor needs to be transferred to the new display assembly.
  2. First, the screen needs to be covered with a tape to hold the pieces together.
  3. The lower edge of the iPhone needs to be heated to soften the adhesive that secures the display.
  4. Suction cups and a spudger are used to open the phone.
  5. The lower display cable bracket is removed.
  6. Then the battery and the two lower display connectors are disconnected.
  7. After the front panel sensor assembly connector is disconnected, the display is separated.
  8. At the end, the home button cable connector and the Touch ID sensor are separated.

Iphone 7 plus screen replacement and other services costs:

Features of iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus was launched in September 2016 and came with a number of new features. It’s packed with 3GB RAM which makes it very fast (iPhone 7 has 2GB RAM). It has a longer battery life and a better camera. It’s featured with a dual camera lens and packs 12MP on the rear and 7MP on the front. There is no headphone jack, which can be a disadvantage for some people. However, you can use wireless earphones or Lightning earbuds. The home button is equipped with a fingerprint sensor that helps secure the phone. iPhone 7 Plus weighs 188g and its dimensions are 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm. The prices vary depending on the storage. It costs £569 for the 32GB version and £669 for 128GB.


  Iphone 7 Plus
Finish Rose Gold / Gold / Silver / Black
Capacity 32GB / 128GB
Height 6.23 inches
Width 3.07 inches
Depth 0.29 inch
Weight 6.63 ounces
Display 5.5-inch / Retina HD display
Chip A10 Fusion chip
Camera Dual 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras


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Common Iphone 7 Plus questions


This could be caused by software or hardware problems. Perhaps you are running too many processes? This might overrun your iPhone’s processor. You should contact a specialist for a more detailed diagnosis, though.
It is possible that you’ve bogged down your phone with too many applications and background processes, these are a big drain on the battery. You should take a look at what applications use the most battery life in settings and decide if you want to keep them or delete them. Of course, that’s not to say that always works. Batteries deteriorate with time, and it might just be the right time for you to get a replacement.
We offer one of the most affordable and professional iPhone 7 Plus’ screen repair and replacement centres in London because, when it comes to broken screens due to an accident, Apple doesn’t cover it, and you have to pay for the replacement yourself.
Your iTunes can take care of that for you. Just make sure your computer is connected to the internet and you are logged in, and connect your iPhone to your computer.
Although tests have shown that the iPhone can survive underwater for half an hour at a depth of 1 metre, it is only water-resistant and not waterproof. Apple doesn’t cover any damage caused by water under its warranty.



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