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iphone 6s plus screen repair london

With people taking their phones everywhere, it's no wonder that accidents happen. Whether it's because you got distracted for a second or got faced with some unexpected obstacle, you may someday face the problem of a cracked phone screen - the most common technical problem people face nowadays. There's no need to worry if this is something you're dealing with, however. Imperialfix is here to offer you supreme iPhone 6s Plus screen repair and replacement services in London.

The screen repair process

Even though screen repair is relatively routine for a repair service, it is still a complicated procedure that should be handled by experienced professionals, as otherwise, you risk causing even more serious damage to your phone. Imperialfix is here to help you with all your iPhone 6s Plus problems in the most reliable way possible. Here's how we go about things:

  1. The TouchID sensor gets transported to a new display that will take the place of the old one
  2. Using duct tape, we secure the cracked screen before the next steps
  3. In order to lift the screen up, we heat up the lower edge of the iPhone a little bit, so that the adhesive softens
  4. Using suction cups, we remove the old glass
  5. All battery and display elements are disconnected
  6. The same goes for the display
  7. The home button and TouchID sensor are reinstalled along with the new display

iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair

Imperialfix is here to help you out with all screen repairs in London. The specialists working for our company have a great deal of experience fixing various iPhone models, including iPhone 6s Plus. They're equipped with all the right tools to make sure that your home is not only fixed - it's handled with the care that it deserves. We've helped out too many clients to count, and they've all been left happy with our service, so you can be sure that with us, your iPhone 6s Plus is in good hands.

Iphone 6s Plus screen replacement and other services costs:

The differences between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Unlike the difference between many other iPhone models, the one between the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is readily apparent. Though they don't differ much in looks from their immediate predecessors, they do differ from each other in one crucial aspect - size. the iPhone 6S Plus is only slightly slicker, but it boasts a 5.5-inch screen, compared to the smaller 4.7-inch screen of the regular 6s. Though the performance of the two phones is nearly identical, the 6s Plus displays all the same apps at a slightly higher resolution.


  Iphone 6s Plus
Finish Rose Gold / Gold / Silver / Space Gray
Capacity 16GB / 32GB / 64GB/ 128GB
Height 6.23 inches
Width 3.07 inches
Depth 0.20 inch
Weight 6.77 ounces
Display 5.5-inch / Retina HD display
Chip A9
Camera 12MP camera


You can count on us!

With an incredible track record with the repair of iPhones of various types, we're some of the most reliable specialists in screen repairs on the market. You can trust us with your phones, certain that we'll handle them in the most expert, safest manner possible. Contact us today and get your screen professionally replaced!


Common Iphone 6s Plus questions


Some rumours made the rounds that the 6s Plus is waterproof. However, Apple’s stance is that it is not, so you should be very careful with your iPhone when you are near water.
If your screen is broken due to an accident or an external cause, it is not covered by warranty. You have to either repair or replace the screen. Here at Imperial Fix, we consider ourselves one of the best iPhone 6s repair and replacement services in London, and we’d be happy to help you.
This means that your battery is starting to die. This is usually the precursor to further deterioration of your battery’s performance. The only solution is to replace your 6s Plus’ battery.
Due to the myriad of reasons this problem could happen, it is extremely difficult for you to troubleshoot it yourself. It can be the charger, the lightning connector, or battery. It would be much easier to take it to a professional and have them take a look at it.
After you’ve made sure you have cleaned the front microphone and your phone isn’t connected to any headset, you should try again. If the problem still persists, it is usually a hardware fault, and you have to repair or replace the microphone.



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