About us

At ImperialFix, we are your trusted mobile repair service with the best technical team on board. We understand that it can become a hassle if your iPhone screen cracks suddenly or there are technical problems, then you need a fast service to assist with your phone’s repair needs.

Get your phone fixed now! Our ImperialFix technicians are able to repair all your iPhone issues in under 30-minutes on the same day of service booking. We realise that a delay in getting your phone fixed means a lot of inconvenience to you. To avoid that, book a service with us and we will come over to you in the least possible time.

Our team has professionals with years of experience, having repaired thousands of devices successfully. We understand your gadget inside out. That is why we can speed up the process without the need to keep you waiting to make that important phone call or send an email.

Also, further we take care that data is never lost from your device. As you remain busy it is not possible for you to come down to us always. This is why we come to you at lightning fast speed. The spare parts are 100% genuine and make your phone next to the original in no time. It is difficult to spot the difference as we take the utmost care to make sure the device looks as good as new.

Our service caters to most people that are busy and may not have time to visit a service center. We take care of busy young mom phones that must be repaired quickly. You do not need to come over to get the quality service you are looking at. We have our top professionals coming over to you to guarantee complete fix at the fastest possible time.

At ImperialFix we cater to your phone repair service needs on all 7 days of the week. Our working slot is 11 hours and we make sure that you can book a slot to have our team visit you on time. The best part is that we are located near you. Our certified phone technicians diagnose the problem and restore your device without erasing any information. Also, you will get complete 100% warranty for the work done.

Get the fastest emergency phone repair service today! Book your time and get guaranteed repair at affordable prices.